To build a solid foundation, start with the basics.

Full of practical tips and advice from our Master Lash Educators, this course is perfect for lash newbies as well as artists looking for a refresh.

In our classic eyelash extension training course, you will learn the foundations to successful and safe classic eyelash extension application. You will gain a solid understanding of the theory behind the process, as well as rules for design and styling.

Our class sizes are small, to allow for plenty one-on-one practical supervision. You will be given live demonstrations of all aspects of the application process, and work on live models under the close supervision of your trainer. Neo Lash educators have spent countless hours researching, testing and refining the Classic lash curriculum. Certified students will gain invaluable experience, polished lash skills, and the confidence they need to further build their lash empire.

Even after certification, Neo Lash students get access to complimentary refresher courses, student discounts, and continued support from our master educators. Included is an extensive kit, packed with everything you will need, including lash types, tweezers and adhesives that we use in our salon to create our beautiful lash looks.

Included with enrollment

Online lessons


In-class theory

Hands-on training



Educator support

Course Program

  • History Of Eyelash Extensions And What Extensions Are
  • Advantages Of Eyelash Extension Treatment
  • Eyelash Anatomy And Growth
  • Problems That May Affect The Duration Of Treatment
  • Anatomy Of The Eye
  • Anatomy Of The Hair
  • The Life Cycle Of Natural Eyelashes
  • Allergies And Eye Diseases
  • Demodex And Blepharitis Prevention
  • Allergy Reactions To Products And Chemical Burn
  • Lashmaker Rules and Tips
  • Extension Eyelashes Glue
  • Curves, Thickness and Length
  • Techniques & Step By Step Treatment
  • Eyelashes Extension Application Onto The Lower Eyelid
  • Infill And Removal
  • Full Kit Included (300€ value)
  • How To Create a Perfect Line With The Help Of Layering


1. Enrollment

Buy your course, get your kit, enroll for your in-person class.

2. Theory Study

Learn fundamental lash theory and get ready for class.

3. On-Site Class (2 days)

Get hands-on training from a NeoLash® Certified Educator. Immerse yourself in lashing with professionals invested in your success.

4. Model Practice

Master your technique as you get real-world lashing experience on live models.

5. Certification

Consignment of your NeoLash® Certification.

6. Continuing Learning + Bonus

Unlimited After-Course Assistance + 10% Lifetime Discount of NeoLash® Products