Hi girls! In this new (and first) blog article i will share with you a series of reasons why you should have eyelash extensions.

If you are reading this article, I hope that in the end, you can really understand why today extensions are one of the most important and valuable beauty treatment.

So here you are, the 10 reasons why you should have eyelash extensions:


  1. It saves you time in the morning (You can wake up feeling glamourous with your already-long, already-curled eyelashes);
  2. It saves you time at night (Since you don’t need to put mascara on or false eye lashes, your cleaning routine is shortened by a lot);
  3. It saves you money! Since you won’t need mascara, false eyelashes, or even the waterline eyeliner! And you’ll save on the makeup remover you used to remove the mascara!
  4. Less makeup;
  5. No hassle dealing with false eyelashes, which can result in a lot of frustration, trial and error and questionable results!
  6. Look naturally beautiful and refreshed with less layers, less product and less of an effort. Let your lash artist do the work for you!
  7. You need to rest every once in a while, so why not make this as a reward for your hard work?
  8. Lash extensions are resilient and resistant to water. You can still feel sexy and confident at the gym and refreshed after a long day of work;

      9. Being waterproof, you can cry all you want, sweat and be caught in the rain, and you won’t have to hide because your                     mascara ran all over your face;

10. Lashes are comfortable and after a few days you will forget they are there!

These are the 10 reasons why to have eyelash extensions!


See you in the next blog post.

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