This course will help build upon the knowledge you already have about classic eyelash extensions and help you level-up your career in the lash industry. In our volume eyelash extension masterclass training course, you will learn the advanced technique of volume lash extension application, a rapidly growing trend in the lash industry. Unlike classic lash extensions, which are applied 1:1 on a natural lash, volume lashes use 2-6D of the finest eyelash extensions to make a fan and attach that to a single natural lash. This newest technique, when done correctly, creates an amazing lash set with superior fullness and density. You will learn how to make perfect fans, how to speed up your work, correct glue usage, and advanced styling techniques – all of the skills needed to become a volume master. You will also learn the best techniques for retention and how to manage and satisfy client expectations. A full kit will also be included in your course cost.

Included with enrollment

Online lessons


In-class theory

Hands-on training



Educator support

Course Program

  • History Of Eyelash Extensions And What Extensions Are
  • Advantages Of Eyelash Extension Treatment
  • Eyelash Anatomy and Growth
  • Problems That May Affect The Duration Of Treatment
  • Allergies And Eye Diseases
  • Techniques & Step By Step Treatment
  • Demodex And Blepharitis Prevention
  • Preparation Before Appointments
  • Extension eyelashes glue
  • Creating the Perfect Fan
  • Curves, Thickness and Length
  • Eyelashes Extension Application Onto The Lower Eyelid
  • Extension Eyelashes Glue
  • Advanced Lash Styles
  • Full Kit Included (300€ value)
  • How To Take Perfect Pictures (IG Secrets)
  • Tips To Grow Your Lash Business From “Day 1”


1. Enrollment

Buy your course, get your kit, enroll for your in-person class.

2. Theory Study

Learn fundamental lash theory and get ready for class.

3. On-Site Class (2 days)

Get hands-on training from a NeoLash® Certified Educator. Immerse yourself in lashing with professionals invested in your success.

4. Model Practice

Master your technique as you get real-world lashing experience on live models.

5. Certification

Consignment of your NeoLash® Certification.

6. Continuing Learning + Bonus

Unlimited After-Course Assistance + 10% Lifetime Discount of NeoLash® Products